Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Faires Visit The House

A couple of nights ago Dani and I watched the new Tinker Bell movie, "Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue" with Castle. The next day she and Dani (from here on out referred to as "momma") created a fairy house and a field journal documenting all things fairy, similar to what was done in the movie. Our lil' darlin' is really getting the hang of drawing and writing, even still, the journal pretty much amazed me. Here is a sampling of the goodness.

So this morning Castle awoke to find that the fairy house had been ransacked; quite obviously the result of an overnight visit from a messy fairy. After telling me, "Momma was scurrying around here earlier than you this morning!", (I love when she talks with such vibrance) Castle hastily touted, "Fairies are real and I know because they visited my fairy house in the night; come see."

I hurried to see the resulting fury and upon further investigation I explained that maybe it was just Cali (a.k.a. Battlecat)

that had decided to storm the fairy house. After this we both went back to our normal morning routines, me hurrying out the door, barely landing 10 quick kisses, and waving boo boo bunny all the while reminding her of the 3 daily L's, laugh, learn, love, while she dances, sings, and jokes around the house to the tune of her favorite morning tv shows and songs. During my final dash out the door I spun around to exchange our final goodbye and this time, to my surprise, she looked a little disappointed.

I stopped, looked her in the eyes, and asked her, "What's wrong sweety?"

She asked me, "Are fairies real, daddy?"

I said, "If you think about it, the only reason Cali would have messed up the fairy house in the first place is if a fairy was actually in the house!"

Luckily there was a calico cat in the movie that tortured the fairies, up until they made it a catnip crown, so the jump in continuity from pointlessly vicious cat to curious hungry cat wasn't too far. As a result, Castle's face instantly lit up and she went back to twirling and dancing and singing her merry way, over my pointlessly strict empiricism, gracefully fluttering back into the hallowed Pixie Hollow.

Of course the over arching lesson for the dad in the Tinker Bell movie was to remind one that "seeing isn't always believing" and I came really close to forgetting that in this case. There are moments, such as this, when I question whether to endear or expose fantasy in light of educating Castle. If it is not yet clear in which choice I find more quality, you may be surprised to know that today, upon returning from work, i.e. bunnyville (a.k.a. schmudgland), I saw the most beautiful fairy princess EVER!

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