Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All Dressed Up And Everywhere To Go

Momma's nightgowns and shirts. 2/2010

Effortless. 2/2010

The Getty. 5/2010

Put 'em up. 5/2010

Cinderellee near Aurora's Castle. 5/2010

Same day. Still beautiful back stage. 5/2010

Surfside at Nanyboop's. 5/2010

Newport Beach Hillside Snugglebunny. 5/2010

Goodbye to our Great Grandma. 4/2010

Dolphin watching in South Padre. 6/2010

Zoo. 5/2010

Castle Starts Kindergarten

Castle started school this week. Our first homework assignment was to introduce her in written form, which is what you see here. We are really excited for her. What follows are a couple of shots from her first day at school.

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